I don’t usually write this blog until all games of the day have been played.

Today, I do not care what the later result is.

This is something I have dreamt about since I was a child.

Whatever happens next, I’m not bothered. I’m really not. I’d love us to get through to the final and I’d love us to lift the trophy – but just read this sentence:

England are in a World Cup semi-final.

We haven’t been able to say that for 28 years.

I was 2 the last time it happened.

An entire generation – no, a few generations – have not seen this happen.


What’s just as remarkable as the result was the performance. For the first twenty minutes, I was very much groaning, thinking, Jeeze, we have nothing going forward.

The first goal changed that.

A first goal from a player who has easily been England’s best player – Harry Maguire. Heading in from a corner.

Every defensive header, clearance, pass – he meets it. He gets it right. He has been a crucial player for England and what England have achieved.

Ali netted the next, in a game where we could have had multiple. Sterling finally exploded into action, Henderson made superb forward passes – this was England’s most comprehensive display of the tournament, dominating and attacking and defending and getting everything right.

Image result for england sweden harry maguire

Finally, we have a reason to get behind England again.

Can we do it?


Have we already surpassed all explanations?

Hell yeah.

You can never take this away from us.

We are proud of the Three Lions on our chest again.