Did we see this coming?

Well, if we didn’t, I’m not really sure why. In retrospect it looked an absolute certainty. Even so, last night we saw one of the shocks of the tournament, and possibly one of the shocks of World Cup history – but before this, there were two other matches.

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Denmark went into the match with Australia full of confidence, and you’d expect the win – this was shown by an early lead.

The equaliser, however, was a major cause for controversy. The referee decided on a handball and awarded the penalty. It looked to me like a natural movement – I mean, your arms move when you jump, and he wasn’t looking anywhere but the ball.

VAR, however, confirmed that the referee should give the penalty. I understand they aren’t supposed to alert the referee unless it is a clear and obvious error, but for me, this should have been clear and obvious.

Either way, Australia put it in the net and the game ended all square.

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France could go through with a win against Peru – the team that everyone is hailing as ‘kit of the tournament.’

Sadly, this started out as another game with players being sad and pathetic in their theatrics. It’s a shame how the big sides let themselves down by faking the harshness of fouls, this time shown by Umtiti lunging himself to the floor. If they are honestly this sensitive to pain, I would love to see what they do when they step on a piece of lego in the dark.

France score their only goal in the thirty-third minute via teenager Mbappe. The ball goes over the top to him and he places it in the net. Despite this initial goal, neither team looks convincing as the game goes on. Peru constantly apply pressure but don’t look like scoring, and France constantly take the pressure and don’t looking like playing.

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The game was Argentina Vs Croatia, and it was a game ridden with mistakes.

By the end of the first half, it could easily have been at least three each if all of these mistakes were capitalised on. In the end, the first goal came in the second half from a ridiculous kick from Chelsea’s reserve keeper, Caballero, who gifted the ball to a superb Croatian volley.

Messi finally tries to play as the goal seems to have woken him up, but he still comes up against three or four defenders that just crowd him out. You could say it’s difficult for Messi to play with a team that aren’t feeding him well enough, but then again, Ronaldo has managed it so far.

(Because you’re supposed to compare everything Messi does to Ronaldo, remember?)

Despite Messi being woken from his nap, it’s not enough. Modric scores a stunner in the eightieth minute and Croatian get their third in the ninetieth.

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Argentina are now looking like they are going out, bar a miraculous set of results in the final game.

The question obviously is – how do they lose with a team so strong?

Because it’s not strong in defence, and their attack isn’t compensating. Ageuro, Messi, Higuan – all of them didn’t seem to be firing. It would almost be okay if they were, as then they could win 4-3.

As it was, with a defence this weak and an attack that doesn’t compensate, Argentina could be going out of the World Cup in the group stage for the first time since the 1970s.