Well, did we see that coming?

Things I thought more likely to happen than this:

  • My Mum being named the next England manager
  • Glenn Hoddle saying something useful in his commentary
  • England winning the African Cup of Nations

But it happened, didn’t it!

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Costa Rica Vs Serbia

Unlike the upcoming two games, this looked like two equally matched teams. Costa Rica, who topped their World Cup 2014 group that featured England, Uruguay and Italy, came up against the country who topped their group in 2010, defeating Germany in the process.

Both teams started spritely, back and forth attacking play, but we had to wait until the 55th minute for a stunning free kick from Kolorov, bent and placed into the top corner with excellent precision.

Kolorov was almost injured in the warm-up, as it was he scored the winnier! Now that’s about as jammy as a jam pie.

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Germany Vs Mexico

Six of the team who played the World Cup final four years ago started for the reigning champions. Funnily enough, they have 4 stars on their shirt, but, technically, Germany have only won the World Cup  once: it was West Germany who won it the previous three times.

You might say I’m being picky, but in the 1970s West Germany played East Germany in the World Cup. So how do they both combine and take on of the team’s record?

Still not convinced? Well, you’re an England supporter aren’t you? Yes, so let’s strip Germany of their titles.


They faced the Mexicans who have gone out at the round of 16 every year since 1994 – after being banned in 1990. The Iranian referees was questionable at times, but he allowed the game to flow into what became a superb attacking performance from both sides – to begin with.

Mexico kept three strikers up the pitch at German attacking corners. That takes a lot of balls! And it could have backfired – but a brake saw them score the only goal of the game, a thoroughly excellent goal, where Lozano had the sense to hold the ball and turn to let the defender go pass before he shoved it in the bottom corner.

In the second half, attack turned to defence and they defended like troopers. The upset of the tournament? So far, it would seem so.

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Brazil Vs Switzerland

Now, Argentina and Germany have failed to win games they should have winned.

Surely not Brazil! And you have to feel for the Swiss – imagine having this as your opening game.

And boy, did the Swiss target Neymar. From the first minute to the last, every chance to pull his shirt, nick at his feet, foul him in anyway, they took – they had obviously made a tactical decision to go after him.

Coutinho opens the scoring with an excellent curler into the top corner that the keeper doesn’t have a chance of getting to. A world class strike taken from outside the area that you can only stand back and admire.

It looks like the floodgates are opening, but the Swiss make it to half time at only one down.

Shortly after the restart the Swiss head in a goal to equalise. A powerful header, completely unexpected, and the game changes. Back and forth, clear yellow cards ignored, and both sides look like they could take the lead.

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This World Cup is truly living up to the hype so far – and there is so much still yet to come!