If you weren’t watching, what the hell were you doing?

What on earth could have been more important than this? More breathtaking? What gobsmacking, eye-tinging, leg-tingling occurrence could there possibly have been that would have been worth missing this?

What, your wife demanded you spend the evening with her? DOES SHE NOT REALISE IT IS THE WORLD CUP?

I am going to go over the first two matches of the day super quickly, so I can get them out the way and talk about the big one:

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Egypt Vs Uruguay

Salah was on the bench and didn’t make an appearance, except for the hundreds of appearances he made by having his close-up broadcast in relation to literally everything that happened.

After the first ten minutes the match was already better than yesterday’s, as the teams managed to string together more than three passes at a time. Saurez, making his 99th international cap, wasn’t at his best and looked clearly frustrated, and the game looked like it was moving out into a bore draw.

Then, in the final minutes of the game, Uruguay score the winner.

Cue more close-ups of Salah, this time looking unhappy.

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Morocco Vs Iran

Don’t scoff at a game like this – both teams played with the vigour and passion you’d want from a team competing in the World Cup. Are either of them going to win the tournament? No. But are they going to love every minute? Yes – and that still makes them worth the ninety minutes.

Morocco, playing their first World Cup since 1998, with a manager who’s already won the African Cup of Nations with two other countries, played a good first half with Iran, the second team to qualify for the World Cup after Brazil, managed by a man who was second to Sir Alex for four years.

The second half, however, was a giant lull. Though, just like the earlier game, the winner was bagged by Iran in the closing minutes.

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Portgual Vs Spain


What can I say?

Breathless. Exhausting. Brilliant.

Not just the best game of the tournament so far – but will possibly end up being the best game of the tournament. I was sceptical, wondering if these two teams would be too cautious and that this game would disappoint. Luckily, I was wrong.

Ronaldo takes the lead from an early penalty he earned by initiating contact. Diego Costa equalises.

A few counter attacks, a lot of possession from Spain, and a close goal line decision – then we have our next goal.

Ronaldo thwacks the ball against De Gea, and the Premier League’s best keeper does what Robert Green did for England against USA in 2010. If you don’t remember, YouTube it. It’s almost identical. Portugal go into the break leading.

Nine minutes into the next half, Costa corrects that, and its Ronaldo 2 – Costa 2.

Isco, got to say, is also having a hell of a game.

Spain take the lead for the first time in the match as they fire in a third – is Ronaldo going to accept that? Hell, no!

He struts around in a strop all annoyed, then he gets free kick. It looks impossible, the curve and the power it would need – in the end, De Gea doesn’t stand a chance. Ronaldo’s 51st hat trick is the 51st ever hat trick of the World Cup, and the game finishes three a piece.

I’m exhausted just writing it.

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And there’s how many games tomorrow?



Ah, I love the World Cup…