Do You Not Want Us To Win?

It’s nothing new, is it?

As long as I can remember, the press have hounded the England team at every opportunity.


Even for things that aren’t in their control – despite England’s fantastic show at Italia 1990 where we reached the semi-finals, the press centred around hooliganism and threats that England would not be allowed to partake. Which is fair enough, I guess – but the press also jumped on Robson, England’s manager, for agreeing to another job following the World Cup.

Heaven forbid Robson should make a personal decision regarding is career! No, the press labelled him a money-hungry traitor.

Imagine you do a job for 4 years then decide to move on to another. How awful would that be?

It’s not different, and it’s bizarre that the press should attack the England manager, just before a tournament, over career decisions he is entitled to take.

In this situation, England managed to overcome the controversy, but we clearly haven’t managed to do so in a World Cup since.

roo boo

Every year it’s the same; article after article berating the England squad for anything and everything. There’s no solidarity, no getting behind them – other countries have a press that celebrate their country’s participation, our press look for anyway to dent their morale before one of the biggest tournaments of their lives.

Being footballers does not make them public property. However much they earn, they are still humans like us, and need encouragement. However much I earn, my paycheck isn’t my final motivation, it’s my own self-drive and the support of my friends and peers – and I think people fail to realise these are still people doing a job.

What has the press found this year?

Raheem Sterling showing up on Wednesday morning instead of Tuesday night because of travel issues. He apologised, we move on. It doesn’t matter.


Then it emerges that he has a new tattoo of a gun, that led to him being labelled as a “footie idiot” and “obscene” by various newspapers.

Sterling got this gun as a tribute to his father. But do the press say that? Or do they let you jump to their assumptions?

sterling 2

And now, in the most pinnikity or pinnikitiness, in the most ridiculous search for a story, the press have hounded England’s hotel in Russia, as it has some bad reviews online.


Really, guys?

You are so desperate for a story to attack the team with, you are now attacking them because their hotel has bad reviews ?

Do you think this helps? Do you not want to see England win a World Cup in your lifetime?

It’s ironic that, back in 1990, Robson was labelled money-grabbing, when it’s the press who search for the article that sells at the detriment of the team.

Even former England players, like Alan Shearer, are claiming “England won’t win World Cup but draw gives us chance to improve.” Becoming a pundit and working for the press doesn’t seem to prevent a former England captain from undermining the team.

My blog will feature many rants and many stories, but none of them will be about the England team until I’ve given them a chance to succeed. We have the team, the style, the manager and the makings of a promising squad, I just hope that press is something they truly ignore.

We could beat Panama 2-0 and the press would attack them for not winning big enough.


So let’s ignore the press, ignore the papers, and get behind our team.

I will be wearing my England shirt non-stop for the next month, and despite inevitable negativity and self-critical words of all those around me, I will wear the three-lions proud, and I will believe as I always do.

Football is coming home.