The final curtain has been drawn on the final day of the Premier League season.

But what exactly did the closing of the season suggest for the ‘top’ teams?

Here, I look at where each team could go next season. And I doubt it will take you much figuring out which of the top six teams is most likely dead and done.


You’re done.

FA Cup or not, you’re done.

Let’s be honest, you were never really title challengers. You haven’t been for quite a while. And failing to qualify for the Champions League in such a long time is basically the final nail in the coffin.

Look at where the other teams are. Look at the managers, the players, the opportunities – then you’re stuck with a manager still playing like he did twenty years ago.

Then again, whether you get rid of Wenger or not is irrelevant. There’s nothing any other manager could really do to get any more out of this team.

The only glimmer of hope for next season is the fact that you aren’t playing European football. Look at what an advantage it was to Chelsea this season not have the fixture congestion of Europe.

Which the top teams so close, is this what makes the difference?

Manchester City

You have such a good team, but not enough consistency. There was a lot of squad rotation and frequent injuries to your captain to contend with.

But, if Guardiola’s style of play can be implemented at City, with the players they have, and maybe a bit of defensive stability – you could be the main contenders next season.

Manchester United

On paper, you should be top.

After all, you’re the team that came away with three trophies this season.

Yet, there are issues. You spent the same amount on Pogba as you received for Ronaldo. But have you seen £80million worth from him? Has he played anything like he did at Juventus?

Rooney’s past his best, Rashford wasn’t firing like last season, and you just seemed to be lacking that momentum.

But – get rid of Rooney, stiffen up the defence, and get a few lethal finishers… I’d be putting money on you to lift the trophy.

Tottenham Hotspurs

I feel so bad for you guys. To come so close and play so well for the last few seasons, but have no trophies to recognise it, must be agonising.

But, with next season ending in the World Cup, we want Ali and Kane to be firing like they did this season.

But how many times can you keep coming close? What else do you need to add? Is it going to get too much past your due date?


Well, what can you say about Chelsea. The thing that made you decent winners this season is that you were consistent, kept momentum, and won the games you had to win.

But if the other top teams manage to do this, it could be a close one.


Looked so promising at the start of the season, didn’t it?

But you didn’t win the games you had to win, like Chelsea. But it’s great that you have Champions League football again.

I’d just argue about whether its a great manager getting average players to be good. Who’s the Suarez in your team at the moment? The unbeatable defender? The consistent scorer?

These things need to be rectified.

Now, to turn our attention to this summer. Look out for my preview on the Women’s Euro 2017, Under 21 Euro 2017, and Confederations Cup soon!