You want your Wenger in.

You want your Wenger out.

You do the hokey-cokey and you throw him all about.


Arsenal came back to draw 2-2 with Manchester City this afternoon.

Another Arsenal match, another pointless debate about Wenger. Arsenal fans are divided – do they want him? Do they not?

The rest of us are kinda like “er… no one actually cares.”

Sorry guys, but what difference do you actually think it will make?

The problem is that Arsenal fans seem to be under the illusion that they are still a title-challenging side. Whereas, in all honesty, they are barely a top 4 side.

Honestly, when you say top 4 sides of the Premier League, I think Chelsea, Man City, Spurs and Man Utd.

Not Arsenal.

Arsenal last won the Premier League in 2004. That is thirteen years ago. Since then, it has been won by Chelsea four times, and Manchester United five times.

That is because they are title-challenging sides, and title-challenging sides generally challenge for the title.

Last year it was between Spurs and Leicester. Not Arsenal.

Year before that it was between Man City and Chelsea. Not Arsenal.

This year it is probably Chelsea’s, with an outside chance of Man City or Spurs. Not Arsenal.

A title-challenging side needs to challenge for the title. It’s in the friggin’ name.

So my question about getting rid of Wenger is – what difference do you really think it will make? What would a new manager do, that Wenger isn’t?

Ozil, Ramsey and Sanchez are good. Who else?

Walcott had potential he hasn’t really lived up to. Giroud is only good as a sub. Oxlade-Chamberlain has been relatively absent. Wiltshire is on loan at a relegation-threatened team where he isn’t playing regularly. Welbeck was a Man Utd reject because he couldn’t score enough.

Wenger is doing pretty well with this team to have them fifth, being honest.

What is a new manager going to do with that?

It’s time, Arsenal fans, to realise your day is done.

Good night to you.